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Pretty woman smiling

Feel free
from unwanted hair!
On chin, upper lip, nostrils!

Woman's hands

Feel free, no hair on
arms or fingers!

Woman's Smooth Legs

Feel free. Enjoy
smooth, lovely legs!

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Feel free
remove hair
from navel area!

Woman with Bikini

Feel free
perfect hair line
for your bikini!

Woman's Body

Feel free
and feminine
all over!

Woman in Water

Feel free to enjoy yourself
-- be confident --
no unwanted hair!

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Feel free
is for men, too!

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Nov. 6, 2008...How Many Treatments Needed?
How many electrolysis treatments are needed? My treatment program must be tailored to meet each individual patient's needs. These factors determine the number and length of treatments required:
  1. The number of follicles contained in the area
  2. The sensitivity of the skin
  3. The particular area to be treated,
  4. Previous methods of hair removal, and what resulted from it.

Nov. 4, 2008...Shaving
Before coming to me, most women will have removed their unwanted hair simply by tweezing or shaving. They found the more they shaved, the darker the hair grew back. This was not an illusion, it really does grow back darker -- and more coarse. This is because shaving blunts the ends of each hair each time it is cut!

Men shave. Women should never have to do that! Today's women can get rid of all their unwanted hair, permanently with electrolysis. Boca Raton women are especially included. Call me.

Why Electrolysis Hair Removal
Is For Everyone

Electrolysis is a sure, safe and permanent removal of hair on unwanted areas of the body. We have been doing this at the same location in Boca Raton for twenty three years!

Over 75% of all women have some unwanted hair growth on all arts of the body. Especially facial hair on the chin, cheek, and upper lip may be so obvious that many women have to shave or tweeze everyday to hide the growth.

Have you ever spent time in the bathroom, tweezing, waxing, or shaving those unwanted hairs? Why not spend that precious time with something or someone you love?

Call today to remove your unwanted hair from your:

Sensitive to Your Needs
Unwanted hair can detract from your self-esteem. Don't let it leave you feeling less confident about yourself. Let electrolysis help. Electrolysis is the only form of permanent hair removal.

The distinction between laser and electrolysis hair removal systems...
The FDA says the laser hair removal system is only a hair reduction system but electrolysis is the ONE permanent hair removal system. There is documentation of laser clients having to go to electrologists to complete their treatment.

What are the Benefits?
Electrolysis eliminates side effects caused by other methods of hair removal (skin discoloration, ingrown hairs, irritation, bumps) by permanently removing the hair.

Also, electrolysis is the ONLY method of body hair removal approved by physicians and health care professionals as a safe and permanent solution to an unsightly and embarrassing situation.


You Are Not Alone!
Many men and women benefit from electrolysis, all over their body! Electrolysis requires regular treatments. Time under treatment will be unique to your skin type, age, and area of treatment.

Important! Do not miss appointments!
You must think about the big picture of the hair being gone permanently, down the road of time. Focus on the importance of you being worthy of your investment of personal time and money.

You must come in regularly and keep your regimen of appointments.
Here is why: Hair grows about a half-inch per month. Then the hair will be in a stage of what is called the anagen (destroyable) stage.This takes approximately two weeks. If appointments are missed, the hair growth matures and the optimal time to remove your hair will be missed.

If you allow this to happen, over-all hair removal will not be rapid. Some of the hair will reach what is known as the shedding stage (fallout). This prepares the follicle for new growth before treatment can be performed. In other words, you will have to play catchup with more appointments in the future.

What does Electrolysis feel like?
The level of discomfort is slight and will depend on individual tolerance. Most clients find Electrolysis to be a comfortable experience.

Is Electrolysis expensive?
Fees for Electrolysis are in keeping with those of other professional health care and aesthetic services. Electrolysis is an investment that lasts a lifetime. Plus you avoid the time and cost of non-permanent methods. It can be managed on anybody's budget.

By appointment only.

Thank you, Jean Carriveau

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